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Originally Posted by chicagobimmerboy View Post
Well Eisenhaus will tell you that their systems are the best on the market. But the fact still remains that they are based on Eisenmann systems and up until Feb 08 were sold under that name. Despite having no permission from Eisenmann, Eisenhaus used their name, designs, serial numbers, and counless outher bits.

Just for the disrespect and arrogance they show I will never support Eisenhaus again !!!

If your smart you'll stay away from them! wait till Evosport and Riss racing come out with full systems.

Well Actually they didnít use Eisenmann Official Brand name in their Products.I believe the concept was to sell EISENMANN MEISTERSCHAFT GT Exhaust which is NOT just in case the fraud would go public they wont have a legal Impact from the German Company...

...this is bad, short-term, Business strategy if you ask me for a Company like Eisenhaus .Anyway People make choices...maybe they should redeem their selves with some special prices for a extended period of time and admit their false decision. Doing something is better that doing nothing....