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Originally Posted by Xcellere View Post
If it is fake, it's a very nice fake. The part show on Eisenhaus' website is mandrel bent, which is what Kries-seig's exhausts are known for:

I do think this is a fake Exhaust too...Because i have visited and they didn’t had EisenHaus in their Dealer list.So this system must be Custom Made by Eisenhaus which in this Case doesn’t Justify 5.000 Euro.

On the other hand the Videos of this System Shows the M3 Kreissieg on the Left Side Of the Road so it Must be from Japan and Not USA.

Further more the Videos reffers to a First Cat Back System.In mechanical Terminology this system should NOT include the First Cat Section,but in EisenHaus site we see a Full Exhaust System......

Things are very complicated about this matter and so far we have no Updates from Kreissieg Neither any Official Dealer.

The Exhaust Note is very Ferrari and it is just what i would like from my
car...but then again it is just me.If it was sold as a Single Cat-Back System like Eisenmann for instance they would have a better market share Doubt.No one will spend this kind of money on a Exhaust system which differs from the Competition only in the Exhaust Tone requesting 5.000 Euro Plus Shipping,Taxes and Customs...