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Originally Posted by lndshrk View Post
The problem with the Z06 isn't the car.

It's GM.


- but the quality and backup you get
from GM just isn't there.


And I'm sure I'd take even more heat (and s**t) from BMW owners because
I owned a Z06 (again) and said nice things about it (again).

I agree completely. In fact, this is pretty much the same argument I use against the GT-R (which isn't here yet). I have never had anything near good service from any Nissan dealer. Nissan does make good cars, but their support sux. I go to a garage down the road that specializes in Japanese cars to get my Nissan serviced. I'm not so sure they could handle a GT-R though.

You won't get heat from me. I think the Z06 is a great car. When you consider performance and price it is a huge bargain. Especially if you know how to drive it and have fun with it. It's kind of funny though that most of the Z06s I see on the highway happen to be driven by, let's say older guys, who happen to be the slowest folks on the road.

In the US you can probably find shops that will work on the Z06 for you that do take their work and reputation seriously. So, at least you could sleep a bit easier at night knowing that the GM mechanics won't be banging on your car. But, the Z06 is not as practical or comfortable as the M3.

I wouldn't dis anyone for choosing the Z06. But if you want a little more practicality, comfort, luxury, etc. and willing to lose a little performance, then you want the M3.

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