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Well, I definately don't have a source for the Amuse #s but I was just trying to say that the full exhaust system would probably be louder than a Eisemann race (which is abt 102 db). I just threw a random # out there just to make my point that the Amuse would probably be louder than the RACE considering its a full-exhaust system. The #s are greatly affected by where the sound is measured, and I suppose that Eisemann did not measure this 102db from the cabin and windows up. Therefore, being a sports/luxury car, the "110db" from outside would definately not translate to such a high level inside the cabin.

I don't know what the #s for the Kreissig exhausts are, but I can tell you with a straight face that those probably do over 110+db (measured from outside)

And btw, the threshold of pain is 130db (

Lastly, if you are judging an exhaust's volume based on youtube videos, I can tell you first-hand those videos don't do any justice. Even when Nate from IND posted high quality vids for the Eisenmann Race, the thing still sounded much louder in real life.
Well Im not an expert but I do use logic and common sense pretty well. Straight pipe exhausts are generally the loudest right? Look at the amount of bends on the exhaust in the pic on the previous page. Notice also the giant cannisters. Add in the fact that it retains both sets of cats. And you think it will be super loud?