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Originally Posted by M3Kevin View Post
I have owned a Corvette Z06, Corvette, Porsche GT3 and now the M3.

You want the M3.

That said - if you are single, under 30 you want the Z06.
if you are married, over 30, have a full time job - you DEFINATELY want the M3.


Vettes are a pretty good value if performance is all you want and don't care about the luxury items or need the practicality of a back seat and proper trunk. Also, GM standards on quality (fit, finish, materials, etc.) are not quite up to the German's mark. They do tend to develop rattles over time, but how long are you going to keep it? However, I hear they have a full leather package (top of the line option for the vette) that is reported to be very nice.

Before I got my E46 M3 I test drove a Corvette, not the Z06 though. Even though the vette was a lighter car, the M3 felt lighter. Plus it was just nicer all around so that's what I got. Drove other cars too, but the M3 was the best, IMHO. Never regretted that decision. Right now, if I were to get a two-seater, it would be a Z4 M Coupe or 911S, not the vette. But that's just me.

Good luck.

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