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BMW M3 or Corvette z06

I was pondering over this, my M3 comes with technology package, ipod converter, 19 inch rims, M-DCT (changed it back from the MT) and black novillo leather. It totals about 68K with gas guzzler tax and dilivery and some other shit. Now a z06 costs 72900 but most people are scared to get them because their really low, have a hell of alot of torque and only come standard. I have absolutely no problem drivin a z06 though and so went to a local chevy dealership to see what kind of deal they would cut. They have this one black z06 with these greyish, black racin wheels and red calipers for 74,900 but the guy told me hed put it at 68500. Now im completly confused on what to do, the M3 overall is more practical, it had a nice interior, slightly better ride, auto tranny, and backseats. The z06 vette on the otherhand is f'in beast, its got 505hp, over 450 torque and a look of a straight killer. This is by far the hardest decision ive ever had in choosing a ride, im curious to see what other people think over this, im all ears, or i guess, eyes.