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Originally Posted by ///Mantis View Post
how come one side has 2 clips, one has 1 clip?
Originally when the left side was created it was created with 2 tabs. Once Jinxter had started on the other side he realized there is no use for an additional tab. 1 tab was enough to stabilize the reflector. Originally we had included the additional tab and in fact our molds include the extra tab but we remove it for proper fitment.

At your request we can leave the additional tab.

Originally Posted by marcos View Post
can you give us more info on touching up the paint on the edges of the cut out?
I currently donít have any photos of the cut out as Jinxter rushed to touch his up. Once we have another vehicle or we can find a picture of it we will post it.

As for details:

For light color vehicles you can see the cut that BMW put into the bumper. It seems as though BMW produced the bumpers, painted them and then made the cut outs for the reflectors. For lighter vehicles it is much more noticeable as the original bumper color is black. You can install these reflectors without touching up the cut but it will seem as though you have a bigger gap. Darker vehicles such as Jet Black and Jerez Black will be much less noticeable and may not require touchups. This is only a recommendation for best visual results. BMW dealerships usually offer touch up paints for your vehicle color codes. We would have included it with the orders but due to shipping regulations we are not allowed to send hazardsí materials.