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Flush Reflectors inserts available

First and foremost please let me introduce my self. My name is Steve and I have been working with Jinxter for the past few weeks on creating a Flush insert to replace the factory BMW reflectors.

It's been great working with Jinxter as he was the one that took the time to create the originals and molds. To be honest I really did not think there was a market for suck a minor change but jinxter was persistent and we have created a product that does in fact look much better then the factory reflectors.

Being as this was a 50/50 project with Jinxter he told me that he is going to offer a Forum discount to M3post members. I canít speak for him on what the discount was going to be but he is going to offer it to you all when he returns from vacation.

I have taken the initiative to post them on eBay yesterday so they are available for order now. We expect shipment to begin mid next week if you are interested in the insert.

Feel free to ask any question in regards to these inserts and I will do my best to answer all of your questions. I'm new to this forum and am not on the computer often but will try to answer your questions ASAP.

You can find the auctions here :

Here are some photo's of Jinxter's car (we will be posting better photo's shortly)