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M3 sedan v 02 Carerra yesterday on the highway

I'm enjoying my 1st Saturday with my newly delivered base model M3 sedan (Silver on black cloth and paid 53700) yesterday. I woke up at 7am and hit the road. I'm heading from Chicago (downtown) down the highway toward the burbs. I notice a 2002 Carerra silver/red creeping up on me in the far right lane. I prepare by shifting down to 3rd at 80mph. My heart races as he "thinks he is creeping up" 3 car lengths from me he guns it and I do instantly too. The M3 jumped (as I was in POWER) and I was immediately even and then pulled slowly in front. I went to 4th before him and lost a nose during the shift but then aggresively (noises where intoxicating) pulled hard away...for good. I cut it at 130 and then pounded the brakes and felt amazing G's. Then he caught up and paid his respect with a thumbs up. Then there was the afternoon...320 miles added today.