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I think if Kobe was very humble, signs autographs more frequently, smiles more often, take off his pompous smirks that he sport 99.9% of the time, avoided banging other chicks who have a high risk of accusing him of rape, and basically plays with the spirit of Magic Johnson - more fans across the country would love him.

But, in reality, he's quite pompous with an ego bigger than the Himalayas and doesn't give much of a damn about his fans - you ever met him in real life? He's a real ass - while Shaq, on the other hand, I respect him because one of my homies during highschool worked at a shoe store and Shaq gave him a bill as a tip just for the hell of it. My other friend saw Kobe in Sacramento during a Kings vs Lakers game as he was walking out of a mall and she said, "Hey, Kobe!" and all he did was look the other way and walked on with his posse.

So even if he scores a lot and has good stats, it's like watching Hitler play in the NBA with good stats. Nobody will give a damn.
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