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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
I have an '08 M3 with no iDrive, just the baseline stereo. Has anyone upgraded the stereo? If so what did you put in? I'm trying to do some research to see what I might want. I definitely want something that controls my iPod and navigation would be cool. Right now I'm looking at the Eclipse AVN7000 Does anyone know if there's an adapter kit to make this stereo work? It's a pretty cool stereo I used to have the AVN6600 in my last car, the iPod control is really cool and so is the navigation. I like the touch screen. The sound is pretty decent too. I like it far more than iDrive and the BMW premium sound option isn't really that great sounding either. This is also far cheaper than iDrive. Any other suggestions let me know, thanks.

Also is anyone using any type of radar detection? or laser jammers? If so what type? I'm also looking at the Calibre K40 with laser jammers, has anyone had any experience with this, I've never used one before?
In my opinion, the K40 is to radar detectors like Bose is to home theater speakers. It's all in the hype.