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Keep calling everyone who dont agree with you 'haters' if it helps you sleep at night, but the proof is in the pudding. While we keep showing proof in stats/flaws in his game/analysis, all you've done is defend by saying numbers dont mean anything andcome back with the player has 'INTANGIBLES'. Like your comments about DEFENSE winning championships, I'll give you this line: NUMBERS win games.
Throw some numbers at me or something, not just, 'oh, do you see how bad they look w/o him on the floor' (in which ive answered with a) the second quarter example, b)an article from the number-crunching guru of ESPN that shows otherwise). Those arguments are of INTANGIBLES too often used by casual fans who dont know the game too well, and are too much of a cliche.
Im done "HATING" on Kobe. HAHAH. But, enjoy his prime while you can, because when King James sits on his throne atop the NBA in a couple years, he aint stepping off. Dont hurt yourself jumping off the Kobe bandwagon. We are all witnesses.