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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
Thanks alot guys... if it werent for this thread, i probably wouldnt have been anywhere near as inspired to do it. just knowing that all of you guys are working your asses off to loose some weight really pushed me to do it.

as far as my diet goes, its very simple.
breakfast: one slice of rasin + cinnamon bread, handfull of nuts, 1L of water.

Lunch: tuna fish sandwich, loaded in tobasco sauce. you wont be full, so just guzzle down as much water as you can until your full.

Dinner: 1/2lb of sauted vegetables, grilled chicken. lots of water.

^^^ follow this plan for sunday-thursday, so you can eat what you would like on the weekend. just make sure not to over do it, adn to keep drinking alot of water. i cut out sodas completely, i used to drink at least 6 cans of pepsi a day... def. not good. a word of advice: diet sodas are worse for you, they trick your mind and you end up gaining more weight. so if u really crave a coke, grab the real thing

dont ever eat after 6pm. its horrible for you. take centrum one a day sport, its a great boost. i also highly reccomend the hearbal cleanse complete 7 day kit i posted on page 2 of this thread. its an excellent boost. Holm4n took it and its worked great for him.

as for my excersice routine.... i run for an hour, straight. after, do as many weights as you can, working out all your muscles. my weak spot is my belly, but thats because i dont do ANY ab workouts. which i MUST change. after the hour of weights, go right back onto running for another hour, or at least 40 minutes.

i am going to try going on a vegetable juice fast for 21 days. i should loose about 15+ lbs, and hopefully, my big dahl belly. at least, thats the goal.

i wish everyone who is trying hard the best, and i know i will continue working my ass out as much as humanly possible.
Did you happen to take bodyfat measurements along the way? Cause to me it sounds like you've found a great way to drop fat and muscle. And one of those, you don't want to lose.