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Hmmmmm. Water spots

Alright, I have a JB coupe, and a week ago I had the sucker waxed by the people in our office building. They haven't been horrible up to this point, and when I picked it up from that wax, other than noticing that the factory orange peel was a bit more prominent, the car looked fine.

Well, this morning they washed it, and the first thing the lady in charge said to me was that 'you have a finish problem-acid rain or something.' She then pointed out the water spot outlines still visible on finish. She recommended going to the dealership and having them buffed out. Simply rubbing a section of the hood with paste wax didn't remove any of them. Grrr. They wash the cars inside the garage, so it's not that they let it dry out in the sunlight.

While I live in Houston, which isn't the least industrial city on the planet, I'm located out on the West side, far far away from the Urban Cowboy processing plants. I don't know what brand wax the lady was using, but I'll try some Meguires when I get home, and barring that, a clay bar.

This is just more of a heads up post than anything.