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Originally Posted by shchow View Post
How many turns does the Nordschliefe have...70, 71? If you make up a quarter of a second per turn, that equates to, what, a 17 second improvement, give or take. Cut that in half to one-eighth of a second improvement, and we are talking about 8-9 second improvement in total track time.
So, it is entirely feasible.
from drivetrain mounting changes? no way going to solid mounts conserved that much energy transferring it to the wheels, can't imagine it adding so much feedback and confidence that it saves that amount of time either.

btw, 1/8 second PER TURN is huge time, not peanuts, I was pleased when going to R tires dropped 1.5s off of my average lap times.

but then we all know this car runs on magic since it was created by powerful unicorns genetically engineered by Japan's finest.