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I do not spend all that much time on forums so I am kind of a newb here. Please forgive me for posting in the wrong forum.

I have an E92 M3 in my driveway and would not trade it for a 135.

I realize that one is stock and the other is not and that is why I specified that in my post. I also suggested that the M3 with Motons would probably win. There are many moded cars that could be faster but to compare it to a mustang is ridiculous. They are both BMWs albeit of different calibers, but for the argument of which would be more bang for your buck, I think this is relevant.

Motons are not bad on the street at all, in fact they are more forgiving on the street than just about any other aftermarket shock/spring package that is/will be available. They have a very wide range of adjustment which allows them to be softened up. I bet Motons with after market springs would be softer than a car w/ EDC in its static mode with the same after market springs. But this is not the point for my post.

Again, I really enjoy my car and I am in no way trying to promote one over the other. I was just throwing the little factoids out there.