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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
That's all you can do. And treat yourself once a week. I would be more focused on eating lean and very low sodium.

Most importantly, and how you stay determined is to do it for yourself. I'm so tired of the girl that sits next to me at work. Almost everyday she says the same thing, "How can you eat the same thing everyday?" "I'm gonna start eating right and work out." "I'm quitting smoking." Blah blah fucking blah.

It's beyond annoying, because she doesn't. She'll say "I'm eating healthy today; chicken cordon bleu." I say, "Hey dumbass, that's not very healthy." She says, "Yea it is, it has chicken in it." Me: "Nevermind, you don't get it."

Sorry, had to vent.

Good luck to you, YOU CAN DO IT!
To me chicken cordon bleu looks pretty healthy from the pics I just googled, I've never had it though.
If by healthy you mean eating stuff that is plain and bland, then no it's not. :P
My mom usually cooks beef stew, chicken fried steak with sides, beans in a crockpot, meatloaf, etc.. She usually cooks so much of it I end up eating leftovers for about a week. -___- My dad just makes salads and puts them in a big bowl in the fridge.. (Carrots, spinach leaves, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, sliced bell pepper, broccoli, guacamole, etc..)
Tell me if anything I listed is healthy, those are just the main dishes she makes on a regular basis.

I gave up on working out.. lol
I don't need to lose any weight, and get enough exercise from tennis/ultimate frisbee/etc..
I'll just leave working out for when i'm bored.

When I do workout, I usually just do pull-ups (palms facing out), push-ups (Both spread and hands together), "floor wipers", crunches (alternating elbow to knees), sit-ups (up, twist left, down, up, down, up, twist right), dumbbell curls, dips, upright rows /w bar, kickbacks (but I lift up and down, I don't go backwards), Side Lateral Raises, and I "Pour out the milk" (Not sure what the technical term is).. Didn't know the names of a lot of these workouts so I had to google..
I keep 25's on my bar and 10's on my dumbbell bars.. Not really going for the whole body builder look.

Edit: Forgot the 100lb bag that is conveniently located in my room.
I don't have a bench press or anything else though.

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