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Originally Posted by Romo View Post
I said it is hardly noticeble, that means there is a slight diference

I do drive the E46 M3 with stock 18", I also have driven the 19", so I know the difference. Yes there is some, we agree on that, but for me no big deal.
The E46 M3 is also sportier with 18", so nothing new for that matter. If I`m correct the 18" version is more than 1 S faster from 0-200 KM/H compared to the 19"
The difference could be important to Mr M. Schumacher, I couldn`t care less

The main reason I don`t like the 18"is that the tire wall is to thick, it looks like a balloon. Now a balloon should be up in the air IMHO. The 19", maybe less sportier, but far more atractive IMO. So each to there own..........................
Sorry if my comments made you feel I was have a dig at you, it was not my intent.

The performance actually means little to me also, but the actually driving experience is another thing all to together, that is the reason I have chosen the 18" over the 19". I prefer the better ride comfort (important on UK roads), the sweeter steering, the more forgiving handling balance, I also prefer the meaner look that the 18" gives the car but most of all I prefer the extra dosh in my pocket as opposed to BMW's.

I understand the looks may not be to every one's taste, some prefer the polished finish of the 19" and in some case the 19" really do suit the car better but with all of the greys, SSII, red and white, I reckon the 18" look just as well only different. The only colour I'm not so keen on the 18" are IB, and both blacks, on these the 19" in the only opinion, but again this is personal opinion and everyone is different.