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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I am not saying the difference will be huge but it most definitely is there and if you believe different then you are clearly mistaken. The first thing you will notice is a slightly drop in comfort if using EDC and a more noticeable without EDC, next thing you may notice is the steering and on and on. All small differences but combined they ARE noticeable.

Most people never get the sample both side by side so will never know any different but I reckon if you did try both and weren't swayed by looks then most would pick the stock car. Don't get me wrong here, I too am usually swayed by the bigger alloy but that more to do with the fact that the standard item looks shit, this time it's not the case the 18" look great, much better than on the old M3.

One thing I would not do is go larger than 19", the side wall is get too shallow and stiff to benefit the car one single bit, it might look the business but at the expense of everything that the engineers have done to create the car in the first place.
I said it is hardly noticeble, that means there is a slight diference

I do drive the E46 M3 with stock 18", I also have driven the 19", so I know the difference. Yes there is some, we agree on that, but for me no big deal.
The E46 M3 is also sportier with 18", so nothing new for that matter. If I`m correct the 18" version is more than 1 S faster from 0-200 KM/H compared to the 19"
The difference could be important to Mr M. Schumacher, I couldn`t care less

The main reason I don`t like the 18"is that the tire wall is to thick, it looks like a balloon. Now a balloon should be up in the air IMHO. The 19", maybe less sportier, but far more atractive IMO. So each to there own..........................