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Got a ride in IND's M3...

So I've been thinking about getting the Eisenmann exhaust for my future M3 but it's always hard to justify spending over $2k when you haven't heard or seen the product in person. So me and my friend drove out to IND and the M3 was sitting outside in all of its glory. The Vorsteiner boot lid, front and rear diffuser looked perfect on the car. The tips from the Eisenmann were large, but fit the car perfectly. Nate saw us looking at the car and so came outside and said he would take us for a ride. He started the car up, outside of the car it was loud at idle, I loved it! It has a very deep sound, like nothing I've heard from a v8 before. So we went for a ride, inside the car it was very quiet. Nate took the rpms up to about 6500 to 7000 rpm and it was still very quiet inside the car. You could hear the engine, but I didn't notice much exhaust tone, even at high rpms. I was starting to think that maybe this exhaust was too mild for me, I want an aggressive sounding exhaust, but inside the cabin I didn't hear much of anything. At cruising speeds there was virtually no drone at all. When we got back to the shop I asked Nate to rev it up for me while I was outside the car, boy did it sound GOOD, and LOUD! For whatever reason, this exhaust is very quiet when you are in the car, but loud and aggressive from outside the car, the perfect combination in my opinion. As for the drone, it's virtually non existant. All in all, this M3 had the perfect combination of looks, sound and performance. I now know what I'll be asking Santa for this Christmas (I just hope he does summer deliveries). Thanks Nate and Anthony for showing me your beast!