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Comfort Access and two keys in the car

Still waiting on my M3 (it is now waiting to take a ride on a nice big boat).

So since I have nothing better to do than think about how I will use it and re-read the manual, I find myself with a real world scenario that I am curious about.

Let's say you have your two keys and you program each individual key to the preference of two different drivers and you have Comfort Access. When each driver gets into the car, the car does it's thing and everything is set for that driver. This is all good and seems not too complicated for my marginal intelligence.

Now let's say you and the other person both have your individual key in your respective pockets and approach the vehicle on each side of the car at the same time. (After having an argument about who actually gets to drive).

So here is the question of the day: Which key does the car use to decide whose preferences get loaded up? Does it discriminate based on which side of the car you are on? Does it get hopelessly confused? Or is it just the luck of the draw and you have a 50/50 chance that the car will use the person at the driver's door to set up?

I suppose in the case of 50/50 or confusion, you could either try to only bring one key at a time (not ideal) or tell your passenger with a key to politely keep his distance until you and your M3 can bond and share a private moment together

Any real world experience would be appreciated.