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I also think you should run the stock wheels-tires for your first few events.....ya it will increase wear, but its still far cheaper than a set of rims with R compounds....the biggest feature is street tires are WAY more forgiving if you make a mistake..

On that note a great track for new drivers is Thunderhill in Willows CA...yes its pretty far from you...but there are NOT that many walls to hit if you go off...just dirt....which is nice for a beginner!!

I've driven Thunderhill 4 times in my 928 & LOVE really can't apperciate what a high performance car (even a 20 year old one) can do on the during DE's your out there with an instructor (they help ALOT) for 20-25 minutes 4 to 6 times over the day!!! Thats some serious smile factor!!

I will track my M3 DCT Coupe when it is broken in..... drop me a PM if your interested, hopefully we can both track Thunderhill on the same day....just like anything else...track days are WAY more fun with friends!!
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