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Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post
Amazon says 3600, your original post said 3400 so I wasn't sure if that was the real number or 5400 was or the Amazon figure. Sounds like 3600 is the correct one and that matches Amazon so thank you.

The larger drives spin at 5400. The only reason I would get them is because they are cheaper. It will be a few decades before I need more than 60GB so I'll get the 60GB drive and stop trying to be so cheap.

Do you ever have skipping issues with the drive? How about if you open and close the center console. That is the only concern I would have going this route rather than the flash drive route. The bigger drive means I don't have to down sample the music to make it fit and that's a huge plus to me but I would like to know if you've ever had skipping with the hard drive!

And thanks so much for helping.
Hoiw much is this drive? Seems like the 32Gb Corsair Voyager flash drive might be less hassle, and is certainly smaller. I've seen it for $130 recently after rebate.

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