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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
I'm looking at this same CAI for purchase. But as I looked into it, it seems like it's a part-for-part replacement of the OEM parts -- but in Carbon-Fiber instead. It's getting harder and harder for me to see this mod as doing anything for the motor -- except for looking and sounding exceptionally cool (and I'm still leaning in favor of buying it). What am I missing here? Does this thing really do anything for the motor?
i know what you mean but i honestly couldn't tell you, apart from the visual and aural improvement.

i had intended to do a dyno after the CAI was installed and before the exhaust, but we were running a little behind and the dyno mech couldn't fit us in at the appropriate time, plus my guy told me i needed some time for the ecu to "get used" to the new intake (and exhaust) before any change could be seen or felt. so the dyno results could be 100% as a result of the exhaust mod and nothing to do with the CAI... sigh...

a small point to note is that while you're right in that it's a part-for-part replacement of the OEM parts, the GruppeM main box appears slight smaller than the OEM box, and also designed to sit further away from the engine, and therefore further away from the heat. i'm unsure if CF is a better insulator of heat than the OEM plastic, but if it is, together with the design, could cause cooler air to enter the engine thereby allowing better performance...

unfortunate about the dyno, as that would have given us all a better idea of the "usefulness" of this mod...