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Originally Posted by GeriFix View Post
If you want a bit more storage space, this might be a viable option:

It is a 60GB USB powered hard drive with a rotational speed of 3400rpm. In Australia it costs about AUD$170, which compares well with the 32GB Corsair Voyager (AUD$370) ie: less than 1/4 of the cost per GB.

I have one on order and will post report once I've installed it, but I am reasonably confident it will work after reading this:
The drive in the link posted has a rotational speed of 5400 rpm. Is this the same drive or does the one you are using have a rotational speed of 3400 rpm?

I found a 60GB LeCie on Amazon with a rotational speed of 3600 rpm? Is that the one you have?

I also found a 160GB with a 5400 rotational speed for less money if 5400 rpm works.

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