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Thumbs up Davo's Jerez/Bamboo/MDCT

Well, picked her up Friday late afternoon.

Quick first impressions:

Car looks mean and I am happy with it. I actually have alot to say about the various features but I am short on time. Just wanted to post a few photos. MDCT is truly seamless and works like a charm. Coming from a 6MT I will admit it takes some getting used to. I really loved the 6MT and my ability to feel the engine speed/revs without much need to look at the tach, with MDCT, I have to be more careful, but I think this is a learning curve issue only. Having the auto modes is great. The creep mode works beautifully and overall it is very easy to operate. I think the pics and colors of the seats and trim are very representative of the true color...I guess some depends on your screen setup though. I am really happy with the sycamore and received many compliments...admittedly the younger crowd likes the carbon or aluminum which also looks nice, just not my thing.

I did unfortunately blow out the front right door speaker of the premium audio which surprised me. Also opening up the cabin as in open sunroof and windows made the speaker crackle and pop even louder, exacerbated the problem big time, was weird. So I will be off to the dealer for speaker replacement soon.
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