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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
I don't know if you remember our discussion about the facelift a little while ago but you said you doubted that porsche would use a 7 speed. You also doubted the facelift would be coming soon before the end of the year. Just wanted to remind you I was right you were wrong. I'm just messing around btw, can't wait to see how the facelift performs and what they bump the base price to. I think I am going to pick one up as well.
I will certainly admit to being wrong, but I thought that I said the 911 facelift would not occur in the MY2008 run. I also didn't expect as much of a hp increase. And, I was very surprised to see 7 speed; PDK was a sure thing though.

It's all good, you are right, I am wrong, we both get nice cars!