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Originally Posted by BCMPOWER View Post
Rai you're planning to get snow tires? Which part of MD are you from, last year I remember only had one day of significant snow fall, which I drove my PS2's though very carefully but got home safely. I would consider michelin's pilot A/S if you are worried about light snow, dedicated snow tires are a waste in our area.
I usually buy Dunlop Wintersport (if they make for this size) I can't be happier. I don't even mean about snow, but in cold tempreture, summer tires become hard and don't grip at all.

I have the wintersport for several of my cars and especially for my S2000. I don't regret spending money on tires and the best way is to have a spare set of wheels to mount them on. I keep the 'winter' tires on november to april.

these are so-called performance snow tires (winter tires), not as good as true snow-ice tires in snow but not bad, but they really don't feel like snow tires in normal conditions, I mean they don't feel swqishy (unless it's really getting warm out like in the 70s).

IMO AS are what I'd call no season because they are not as good as summer tires (most times) and not as good as winter tires in the winter. I don't want to give up summer tires feel by putting AS tires on my car and winter performance tires are better than AS tires in snow as well as cold conditions.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 are Performance Winter tires that were developed to blend dry road performance with snow traction. They are sized for sports cars, coupes and sedans that come from the factory equipped with low profile tires mounted on large diameter alloy wheels and are engineered to deliver performance and traction whether the road is snow-covered or not.

Winter Sport M3 feature a silica based tread compound that remains pliable in cold temperatures. Using Dunlop V-Technology, this compound is molded into a directional tread design that helps maintain good traction on wet and slush-covered roads while its high-density lateral zigzag sipes and independent tread blocks provide the edges to help bite into snow.