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Originally Posted by CRS_M3 View Post
I live in sydney, and I am looking to take the car onto Eastern Creek.
My experience at Eastern Creek is fairly limited sorry - I live in Melbourne so most of my experience is at Phillip Island, Winton and to a lesser extent Sandown and Calder. I did a couple of 6-hr relays at EC in the 90's and what I recall is a rather technical circuit with two particularly heavy braking spots, being turn 2 (obvious) and the right hander behind the tower (turn 9?). I did write off a GTV6 there in '96 but that's another story!

If you've got the space to store them and plan to do a number of days as you say I'd definitely go for wheels and tyres. Swapping tyres around on rims is painful at best. Too much stuffing about going backwards and forwards to tyre shops during business hours etc.

Assuming that is what you do you can either buy some aftermarket wheels for the road and use the factory ones for the track (common) or buy some for the track and keep using the ones you have for the road. That's a personal preference but whichever way you go think about what you plan to do with brakes down the track and what sizes of track tyres you can get.

In terms of which tyre, sorry but I'm not the best person to say. If it was me I'd be heading to Stuckeys or their equivalent in NSW and basicly take what they advise to get started. At the very least look at their website ( for some good tips.

Sorry that does not answer alll your questions but hope it helps.