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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
I think with numbers this close, the weight comparison is a nonissue. People need to go with what they like and use whatever other criteria they have to make a decision. If there was 4 or more lbs. per assembly difference, then you could start to think about it. Personally, I will only go with forged wheels because they will hold up over the long haul.
I agree that 1 pound per tire/wheel does not mean anything.

I disagree that you say forged will hold up over the long haul. IMO that's nonsense. Cast wheels can be as strong as forged and 18" with more sidewall should be more easy on the wheels and likely to hold up better.

I went with the 18" because I likes them both, I was spending money on DCT, Tech + premium package + premium sound + ipod/sat radio. I went with 18" to save some money also I didn't go with park assist or heated seats for the same reason.

I usually buy a second set of wheels + winter tires and the $1200 I saved will pay for an extra set of wheels.