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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
what dealer gave a discount of 9k on an m3..also what dealer would give 6700 or so off an gotta be much as the bs is on here about how they aren't selling..i have seen the report and they have sold more e92 and e90 m3's than the previous e46 is a fact..they are producing nearly double what they did with the e46 so yes more are out there..second the 335 was sold out so fast because it had a much much larger audience!!! much larger so you couldn't find them..well only the e92 really.

now you have so many waiting for the dct trans..and since it is coming out so close to the 6spd a lot of people are going to wait.

strange thing to the thread starter..why do people like you spend so much on a car and cheap out for a few grand and not get exactly what you a few years you think it's gonna matter if you paid 60 or 65 for the car? it's gonna be worth more anyways with the extra options. i just don't get people who settle for the "deal" instead of spending a lousy few grand more for what they's just absurd to me!! what is the diff? i have heard so many people on here say man i wish i would have just gotten what i wanted instead. i guess bmw has good salesmen to sucker you in.. one of the ways the m3 is getting a discount is b/c of the dealer demo's.. some didn't come with the idrive so you don't get the m mode capabilities..and the ride can get harsh..though i would have it at max settings all the time anyways. plus dealer demo's all have great discounts cause they get beaten to shit.without the idrive i would NOT get this don't get the edc shocks without the idrive but they can be ordered separatly..but how the hell do you adjust them if you don't have idrive? just a shit situation i would have thought a company like bmw would have worked around..or maybe they are like me and LOVE IDRIVE and just said screw it!!! i bet they wanted to keep the base price down instead of having the $3700 package standard!!!
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