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Originally Posted by AJerman View Post
I had a full cage made of plastic with a plastic visor rather than a metal cage, and I got pissed off at it because it kept fogging up so one day, fed up, I skated to the bench, which happened to have a window behind if with a lady and her little kids sitting there, slammed my stick on the ground, flung my gloves off, ripped the helmet off and snaped the facemask off over my knee, haha. You should have seen the look on that lady's face.

But now that I have it off, I do think I'd like to get a new facemask, maybe a full metal cage. I'm not a pro hockey player so my face is too pretty to mess up.
You should get one like this (I guess ZLeader doesn't make them anymore):
The metal cage portion doesn't deflect your breath into the shield part anywhere near as bad. I never had a problem with my ZLeader one fogging.