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Originally Posted by CRS_M3 View Post
Thanx for giving me some very useful info, I think i will take the advice of keeping the car stock and if I progress abit further then start with the brakes.

I was more worried about the tyres wearing too quickly to go back on normal roads.

A little concerned about the fact that other ppl will be passing me and prob trying to race me as they see me in an M3, hope I can keep a cool head and go about my own pace.

Thanx everyone.
Hi - where do you live? I ask as the track you go to will have a large bearing on what you should do. I've done a lot of track work over the last 25 years in road cars and generally so long as you keep the car in good condition, particularly the brake fluid fresh and some decent pads you're OK for at least a while.

In terms of tyres, I'd suggest it's not a matter of whether the standard tyres are good enough but more a matter of cost. Road tyres as fitted to the M3 are excellent but road tyres are not designed for serious track work whereas a Dunlop R or similar is and will both last longer (i.e. be cheaper) and be more predictable as it wears. Also, you're not left with having to drive on the road on some knocked about tyres - especially relevant as we head into winter. Remember the first part of a tyre to wear on the track is the shoulder of the tread - just the bit you need to be in good condition in the wet.

Finally, as suggested above start by taking some professional training. As I'm sure you've found already your M3 is quick - deceivingly so - and there are plenty of video's on YouTube of people who found out the hard way what that can mean.

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