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Originally Posted by billspreston View Post
Hey guys I played sports competitively up through college and have been pretty unactive since then (2 years). I work from home, but travel quite a bit and have the hardest time staying motivated with diet/workout. The 'competition' of sports always gave me the drive to stay on track. These days, I'll work out hard for 2 weeks and then do nothing for 3. What can you guys recommend for strategies to help stay on track and stay motivated!
Even if you are in shape now, remember the shape you were in when you played competitive sports. This should be a good motivator. For me, my motivation is I dont want to get fat or have high cholesterol. Besides, you will live longer and feel better if you eat healthy and excercise. Sound like you have a pretty busy schedule. MAKE some time to work out more consistently. Dont go for those three week stints. Try to work it in so its a normal routine when you can. I dont think the on - off thing works. Do you have added flexibility working from home?

My competition was beating high cholesterol. (hereditary) I am 28. 5-9. 160. I lost 25 pounds last year, and fixed my cholest. I would say 80% was eating habits because I have always been active. Is all I do is hit the gym 4-5 times a week, and eat healthy during the week, and then have a more laid back diet on the weekends. Good luck man

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