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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
Nice progress and very interesting. How will they be installed? Also can the gaps be reduced? Im not too fond of the large gaps around the rather have a protruding reflector than a outline with large gaps.
well there will be 3 brakets that will either attach with double sided tap or perm glue on the inner side of the bumper that will hold the reflector from falling in. the refelctor its self is designed with similar tabs as the tow hitch tabs.

the gap you are seeing is because of way the bumper is cut (has a angle cut) This might be fixed in the future but right now I couldnt cover the gap all the way because teh plastic would be to thin and to easy to damage. but being that the plastic is angled it can be painted and would show less gap area when painted. I will show you pics when this is done as well.