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Originally Posted by Alumac View Post
Are you guys serious?? This 'M3' looks terrible... From every angle the car just looks wrong with the top down and absurd with it up. The rounded body of the e46 worked well as a vert, but the sharp lines of the e92 do not work at all.

Regardless, to each their own.
are you on crack? or maybe heroin? seriously you act like people smacking down the new sti hatch!!! the car is gorgeous and i am pretty damn is't all wrong to me that's for sure...i was never a fan of the e93 b/c of how the lines on either side of the rear window and the other panels..i think bmw could have done a better job...but that's why there is next year...just look at how clean the sl merc looks..why the hell couldn't bmw match how clean that looks? still the e93 looks good but i would take an e92 over it any day which is why i did..but this m3 looks great the added lines take away the focus on the ugly lines created by the top i know it's opinion based but i would never say it looks terrible or ugly as a whole just with the line the hardtop convertible make...but the car is still gorgeous just to me the e92 looks better!!! but damn that m3 is still HOT!!!