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I started playing when I was 9 and played all through high school... and haven't touched the ice since.
I had Bauer 5000s all through HS and I loved them. Graf makes great skates, but they're pretty expensive (at least last time I looked they were). Definitely take the advice of the guys here and go talk to your local pro shop guys. Whatever you get, bake them to your feet. You'll be glad you did.
T-blades were still fairly new when I was playing so only a few guys had them in our league. I always thought they were pretty gay, but it sure would be nice to not have to get your blades sharpened all the time.
I was never really a fan of Mission in ice hockey. I know they were the cool brand in roller hockey, but I never liked their styles in ice. I had mostly CCM, Bauer, and VIC gloves- which were incredible.
Regardless.. whatever fits you the best and fits in your budget is what is best for you!