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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
Explain why there is void/gap between the IS-F exhaust pipes and tips. Because there is none in the R8 and Lambo.

It has already been stated by reviews and forums members, when riding behind the IS-F you can see the void. It is a joke.

No LSD. Got killed 4.4 seconds a lap the M3 sedan in the Motor Trend review.

This is too easy.
Why do i need to explain about the gap if i already told you that i'm not talking about the gap nor could i careless either. I'm talking about the exhaust being disconnected. Is english a second language to you or did you just got off the short bus.

Yes the ISF got smoked buy the M3 buy 4 seconds, thanks for the update two weeks ago captain obvious. What exactly is your point? Oh, you expect me to be upset about this............ Why would i be upset if i like BMW and particularly the M3 myself. You just don't get it, i like most cars that are out there, especially high performance cars. It's a win win situation for me, especially at this segment. I can't go wrong whether i choose the RS4, C63, ISF, or the M3. So what's too easy?

P.S. BTW, the exhaust on the R8 and Murcielago are disconnected.

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