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Originally Posted by Expired View Post
I played roller hockey from around age 13 to age 17/18.. I've been extremely bored lately and I'm looking to get back into it.
Since I can't find any roller hockey leagues around here via google, I've opted to try out some ice..

Trying to figure out what the best skates are performance/comfort wise..
I've read that GRAF has the best skates on the market it, but it's hard to weed out what to get since they have so many models..
I'm also looking at the Mission Fuel 120 AG's, but have read that they feel cheaply made..
Perhaps the GRAF Ultra G-5??

Thanks for any help and opinions, and I guess this can become a discussion about hockey equipment in general.

As far as all of the gear goes, looking at..
Mission Fuel 130 Gloves, Shoulder, elbow, and shin pads.
Mission Intake/Cascade CHX helmet.
Mission Fuel 120/RBK 9K pants.


I played ice for a couple of years. However, I was in net. The best thing you can do is find a good dealer in your area and go talk to those guys. Most of them play full time and can give you great advice. While there try some equipment on. What is right for one person may not be best for you.

Good luck, and enjoy the speed!!!

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