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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
So it is dakota leather with cloth?
I'm assuming it's dakota leather just like on the regular 3-series.

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
I haven't seen that info revealed anywhere.
I got this quote from an official BMW Media Information pdf file (pg. 16; 1st paragraph) somewhere on this forum. If you guys/gals can't find it then I'll look when I get home later tonight since I'm about to leave the house.

"The sporting, “basic” trim is a combination of cloth and leather called “Speed”. Newly developed, fully tanned Novillo leather then comes as an option offering a particularly smooth and velvety surface in elegant and sporting style."

That's why I was asking if that was a typo or am I mis-reading it. I mean, I knew BMW charges an arm & a leg for every option but I don't think they'd charge $950 just for additional SAME leather on the:

- Lower half backrest insert of front seats
- full insert area of bottom seat cushion
- rear seat inserts &
- door panels
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