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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
there are several wires in there. you have to find the right one. havent done it yet but planning on soon.
You are correct...there are two plugs that both contain a green wire with a white stripe. Only one of them works. Hardest part was getting the sunroof section unbuckled (I was nervous that I was going to screw up my headliner). I actually had a custom mute button made that runs over to the left A pillar about eye level. You can take electrical tape and wrap around in a couple of spots that bulk up that area so that it will stay tucked behind the headliner. I'm still wrestling with whether or not above the rear view mirrow or the top left corner is the best place for my detector.

In my 535i, it seems like the embedded tint strip was twice as light as it is on the M. It hides my suction cups pretty well. The STi was my only option as I'm in Va.