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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I am Porsche fan here so dont get me wrong...

Buuuuut the car may not have GG tax and the paint may be better, but is it worth the over 100K the car will likely cost with even half the options you listed. Dont forget that Porsche rapes you on options, even small ones like floor mats are ridiculous....

With the options that I have listed and more (plus the price increase), I expect the price to be around $106,000-$108,000) Yes, this is high, but you have to remember how much unnecessary stuff that I am adding. (You could easily add $10k to M for coil-overs, exhaust and wheels. My car will have optional wheels, colored matched to my exterior paint by Porsche.) Basically, I want as close to a GT3, but with more creature comforts, less price and more usable torque. A similar GT3 would be about $115,000 or more and sold at retail. I have been guaranteed a nice discount on the 911, better than the generous one I was offered on the M.

Floor mats are $140 and are a little nicer than what I have seen from BMW, imo; maybe not in reality. Yes, Porsche will rape you if you let them.

The questions we all have to answer are: is the M worth $20K+ more than the 335 and is the typical (2009) 911 C2S worth $20-22K+ more than the M. These are answers only the buyer of interest can answer, imo.

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