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Originally Posted by rai View Post
The options are unreal, I saw C&D had a Boxster (non-S) with ceramic brakes, paint etc. and it was MSRP like $75K.

I can easily see 911S or 4S costing $110K. Not saying they are bad and probably you don't need all the options but like the M3 where it's easy to get option on top of option but just imagine Porsche has 3x as many options as BMW.

The 911 will be better than the M3 (less weight) and may not have GG tax but at a $30K higher starting point you can buy 10 years worth of gas for a M3 for $30K
This is true, but you do not have to spec out the car that heavily. There is no reason whatsoever to spec paint other than the $690 metallic paint option. Ceramics are another ridiculous option. For comparison sakes, it is fair to say the you can get into a nicely equipped 2009 C2S for $90,000-$92,000 depending on how much PAG ups the price. I just built a 2008 for $89,000 with met. paint and no Nav. It has everything else that would make it comparable to the M.

Some 335 owners have the same arguement regarding the price disparity between the M3 and the 335. Adding coil-overs and an ECU mod will bring "similar" performance on the street. I am not making this another modded 335 is as good as the M thread, because, I believe that the M is worth the extra cost. But, the same applies to the 911 for me.

To me, another $20-22k over the M, for what 2009 will bring, is worth the cost of admission. Some of the extras like, 20mm Sport Suspension, Sport Exhaust, Sport Shifter and Full Leather (this adds stitched leather to the entire dash, doors, rear seats, PCM, etc... the seats have leather standard.) are not necessary. Although, it would be like adding a different exhaust, coil-overs and short shifter to the M.

Although, I am buying a 911S, I do not have a problem saying that the M3 represents a better performance value. I just like the 911S better.

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