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Originally Posted by Socale92 View Post
is anybody worried about cracks/failures in the welds or elsewhere in the exhaust?
Titanium has a much higher chance of cracking due to the brittle nature of the material. In otherwords, titanium can't withstand heat as much as stainless steel. As much as I loved the Amuse titanium exhaust on my old Honda S2000, there was one cracked once at a weld area so I had a local welder re-weld it w/a piece of titanium then sold it. A few months later, the buyer asked me where I recommend getting it welded since he had a crack in another area. From what I remember, he never had another crack/issue w/it afterwards but then again, this was 4-5 yrs ago.

Hence, I'll never ever buy another titantium exhaust again as much as I love the sound of titanium & weight savings. Not trying to knock on the Ericsson/Amuse, just explaining what I personally went through.
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