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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
On a more serious note, Nathan, I'm not wanting to start an argument here (cause I am still a nOOb status ), but WTH man? I have to admit, I do agree with some of the things you mentioned, some girls are used to being catered to on a silver platter. But don't generalize all of us. I like to work for what I want.

Some girls don't like changes in a relationship. They want the first few months of lovey dovey to stay...when they see the guy changing, they put up a front and think that he's not that interested anymore.

I myself agree with the guys here that said it should be 50/50 no matter what stage you are in the relationship. I think it's common sense that what he paid first, you should take care of next...
It's cool, it's the off-topic section so have at it.
I'm not generalizing all women, I can safely say that 60% or more of the women in America are like this.. Why?? Because it's been going on for so long.. I'm glad you're one of the few in the 40%.

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