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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I agree with most of this earlier post but you did not make that at all clear just prior. Also you are still wrong about accelerometers they are great for a tiny bit of acceleration, a lot of accleration, rapid jerk (i.e. changing acceleration), acceleration at any throttle setting, period. If you have some very abstract definition of part throttle "feel" that has nothing do do with acceleration then I agree a butt or even an opinion will do because you are not being precise and clear as to the metric. I agree with you that the sensation of acceleration is very important but to me not nearly as important as the actual acceleration. Either way where there is any significant margin of difference your butt will probably pick that up and if one is reasonably astute and able to separate other psychological acceleration cues from the true acceleration you really won't need an accelerometer.
Very complicated subject, guy. The entire concept of how a vehicle "feels" as it answers the driver's inputs at varying engine speeds with varying throttle inputs is essentially an abstract one. Accelerometers will be of essentially no value here.

But you know what? Probably someone has done something neat in this area in an effort to get some reasonable metric. I'm going to try and find something that's public, or a least available.