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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
a retard you say? lol, im a retard WITH a bmw. you.... are not. i dont smoke pot btw, fucktard. and if its anyone who has money issues, it MUST be you, starting this thread in the first place. even if its a joke, all jokes start with an element of truth. i know it etches in the back of your head. it mus suck to be you lol. but i digress, the insults we both lay down arent getting anywhere.

so what i really mean to say: this thread is just uncalled for and makes you look like a duche, serious or not.
Makes you both look like a "duche", the way you are arguing like children..
You could be making $300k a year or $50k, either way paying $40 dollars to eat out with a girl on a regular basis is a lot, don't try to say it isn't or act like you don't think about it.

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