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Oh god.. Had to bring up a thread on women, and now I have to waste time replying.. -___-
Fuck women and their mentality. They argue for womens rights, complain about "being treated unfairly", and basically want everything given to them. They want the perks of being a man, without having to do all the stuff that comes a long with it. They don't want to pick up their own checks, they want to work and spend all the money on themselves while the guy pays for everything else. They don't want to have to work for a relationship, they expect to be able to just stand there and have a guy come up to them to spark a relationship, while thinking that guy should have to do everything in his power to woo her.

The problem with a guy paying for everything is that he is just setting himself up for failure. He is getting her accustomed to that behavior, so if he stops doing so after a few months she is just going to leave him. A BIG PROBLEM, and why there are so many promiscuous females in America is that they aren't contributing to the relationship in a financial manner. Because they aren't spending any of their money on the relationship, they feel that they can leave/cheat at any time because they have nothing to lose. They haven't invested much other than time, which for some reason they think is worth a hell of a lot??

How would I describe 60% or more of the women in America??
Trifling, scandalous, floozy's.

Originally Posted by MeEmZ View Post
don't be cheap. I believe she is worth more than a lousy $40.

btw, a true gentleman will never let his date pay.
3 words, Fuck... That.. Shit.
Originally Posted by TheLegacy View Post
dude fuck that

after you're together long enough, it should be mutual.

At first yeah but I mean if its been sometime
+1, after a month or two you obviously like each other so it should be split equally. For some reason society has it in their head that men should pay for everything related to dating..
Originally Posted by DM1 View Post
a man should always pay, but let her pay if she really wants to every now and then.
Again, three words.
Originally Posted by SteelTorque View Post
Everything should be 50/50.
Originally Posted by cars4lyfe View Post
A real man pays for everything and a real woman stays home cleaning and cooking. if this statement were true, you'd never be in the situation you are in now if she would just stay in the kitchen and make you a nice home-cooked meal.
+1, the problem with that is the women nowadays don't want to do shit, and still think you should pay for everything.
Originally Posted by vinlikesred View Post
couldn't have said better myself... the first thing she said this morning, after getting up past noon, was, where we gonna have (b)lunch today?

little did she know... my immediate reaction inside my head was... not again... didn't we just do a grocery shopping yesterday?
I would be pissed off.. On Sundays when the banks are closed and she asks that question, you should tell her that you don't have any cash and it's up to her where to eat since she will be paying. Then if she chooses some place cheap, every time she wants to eat out take her to some place of equal cost.
Originally Posted by MadDog View Post
Then tell her you can't afford to keep eating out all the time. If she leaves for good, no big loss. If she cooks you a meal, she's a keeper.
+1, if a woman can't cook, then she is just going to be a liability. (Which most women are nowadays)
Originally Posted by b335i View Post
Must be dating the wrong person....My chick offers all the time!!!!
Then you have the perfect g/f.

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