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If you were my friend, would you kill me?

Used to work with my friend, we were immature then, he has this skin condition, it's eczema. Elbows and face have little rash and he constantly have to apply Jergens lotion to it to keep it from itching...well one day i thought it was funny to squeeze two packs of mayonnaise in his bottle of lotion when he went to take a shit...dude would always smell like a roast beef sandwich everytime he puts the lotion on...but had no clue

Lately i have this urge to tell people all the stuff i've done wrong, but i'm affraid he's gonna get really mad cuz you don't wanna mess with anyone's medical condition...would you tell him, or would you just keep the "what he dont know won't hurt him" mentality.

Cliff notes:

Friend has Eczema, always has to wear lotion, i put 2 packs of mayonnaise in his bottle.

now i feel bad, want to tell him, but fear of retaliation

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