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Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
hmm I dont know. They can add that but they also have a pic that shows the lettering on one of their reflectors. should they also include everything else that they didnt do in the ad? People could really get creative with this...
First, the pictures they posted in the ad I purchased under absolutely do NOT show the raised lettering - they appear smooth:

Second, stop the sloppy reasoning. Of course they shouldn't say everything they didn't do, just the relevant things. The fact that they themselves sell a set of OEM reflectors that are smooth indicates that not everyone wants ones with the lettering. Further, other high-quality companies such as evosport sell OEM smooth reflectors. This is obviously relevant information - why don't they put it in their ad, especially in light of the fact that the pictures they are using don't evidence it? The only reasonable answer given the fact that they a making two different sets, one with lettering and one without, is to mislead people.
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